Testimonials Residential

Scott R. Simi Valley 2022
Bill was great, explained everything, the crew was fantastic, system works great, looks good, and my bill is almost eliminated!

Jeff W. Downey 2023
I’m in construction, and these guys were great, top panels, and inverters, at a great price. Crew was fantastic I highly recommend.

Scott W. Downey 2023
My dad referred me to Bill and they were great, I appreciated all the instant communication, and reply’s to my questions. I recommend.

Marie A. Oxnard. 2023
Other companies I had out couldn’t answer my questions, and had trouble getting me financed. Bill took care of it easily, and was the only one able to answer all my questions.

Martin L. Santa Rosa Valley 2021
Bill was the only one able to install our complicated project. We need a ground mount, with very far trenching. Plus we wanted two Tesla Powerwall’s. install and crew were great, I highly recommend.

Gladys P. Santa Rosa Valley 2021
My next door neighbor referred Bill to me, we need a ground mount, power box upgrade, and two Tesla Powerwall’s. They did a great job.

Luis S. San Gabriel
We have a clay Spanish tile roof; other companies couldn’t work on that. Not only was Bill and his company able to, they helped us upgrade our roof, and replace with cement Spanish tile, and financed the whole thing, for half of what we’re paying Edison.

Isaac M. Thousand Oaks 2012
Everyone else wanted to lease me a system, Bill showed me why owning is far superior. I get checks from Edison every year.

Reuben G. 2019
We need a big commercial solar system, and a new commercial roof, Bill and Energy Upgrade were one of the only companies able to do this big of a project. Great work, Great install.