Fast EV Charging Stations : Design , Finance and Build

Rendering of a typical Charging Station for Electric Vihecles
Typical Solar Car Charging Station with Solar Array
Typical Completed Fast EV charging station

California Fast Charging Stations Build offer

No Cost, Revenue sharing and use State and Fed Funds

California wants all cars to be Electric by 2035, we know each year there will be more and more electric cars on the road looking for high speed chargers. 

This is a special limited program through the state, and Fed to get Fast Electric Car Chargers out there, that do not put any strain on the grid. 

These are self contained, large Solar arrays, with lots of battery backup, and universal high speed electric car chargers, Tesla and all others. 

We have two programs going on right now, one for Gas Stations so now you can offer for Electric cars as well to get more clientele and NO COST to you, there is a special fund right now to cover all costs, and you own it at the end of the contract, and we take care of all the equipment for you

– no cost to you – 

We share in the Revenue from these chargers as well!

Our other program will include all other industries, Motels, Hotels, Synagogues, Churches, Malls, Strip Malls, etc, we will install a large Solar Arrays and large battery backup, and High Speed Level 3 fast Electric Car Chargers. No cost to you, and we take care of all the equipment. 

– Maintenance and Support included –

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Call now to set up a Zoom appointment to find out more about this limited program. We are the official company running this program. 

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Typical Fast Charging Station for any property

Typical Fast Charging Station layout
Fast Charging Station for EV’s in California

Jule Car Charger Specification