Commercial Products Tailored to Your Company

At California Solar For All, we don’t think you should have to choose between what’s good for your business and what’s good for the environment. We have an exclusive commercial loan where we can get you off of your electric bill and into solar with 0 up front costs whatsoever!

That’s why we provide plans and products that help you meet your business objectives, while helping the environment. Whether you want to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, market your environmental commitment to customers and stakeholders, or earn points toward LEED® certification, we’ve got you covered.

Contact Bill Marcus at 805-404-3901 to evaluate and propose solutions.

Testimonial –  Reuben G.  ,  2019
We needed a big commercial solar system, and a new commercial roof, Bill and Energy Upgrade were one of the only companies able to do this big of a project. Great work, Great install.

Be sustainable your own way

We understand the diverse energy needs of small to medium and large businesses. We also know that it can be challenging to find cost-effective ways to do your part for the environment. But that’s why we’re here. Our energy experts will customize a competitively priced, renewable energy solution that makes it easy to do what’s right for our planet and your budget.

Residential Solar Panel

Protect your business from rising energy costs

As a business owner, you understand the need to protect your business from major losses. But what about protection from rising energy costs? Our fixed-rate plans make it easier to budget for your company’s electricity costs, while supporting a cleaner environment. All of our products include renewable energy, and term lengths vary to fit your specific needs.

Commercial Solar Power

Plug in to the sun’s power

Solar power can help reduce your business’s monthly expenses, while increasing its sustainability. Because a customized solar system will provide most of the energy your business needs, you’ll save on electricity costs and have more money to put back into your company. We’ll set you up with one of our preferred solar installers to ensure an efficient solar power system. On top of that, Solar for All offers a Buy Back Program that helps you maximize the return on your solar investment.

Commercial Solar Power